Recordings are done!

All remaining vocals for “In Adoration Of The Dead Dreamer” are now committed to SD-card, courtesy of Linus Pilebrand of Beneath The Frozen Soil and Crowlegion who graciously lent us the equipment.

Now there will be mixing. So much mixing.

/B out.





Reverbnation no more.

We’ve axed our Reverbnation page since it didn’t really do anything for us other than being yet another place to keep info updated.


/B out.




Website refresh.

New host, new design, new platform, same contents.

We have jumped ship from Google’s Blogger framework to a hosted WordPress install. It’s hosted by Openshift┬áby Redhat.

The new theme is based on a theme by mnmlist and can be found here. Heavy modifications to the theme and graphics by Cerasus Design.


Proof of life

Well this is just pathetic….

More than a year ago we teased that “In Adoration of the Dead Dreamer” was nearly completed. Not a whole lot has happened since then. Work and other reality based obligations has yet again conspired against us and our Magnum Opus.

Sorry for the wait, but there is a very good reason we never set a deadline for this.

B out.


Update 2013-07-14

In Adoration Of The Dead Dreamer is slowly but steadily comming to a close, as far as recordings are concerned. There will be a long and uncertain road ahead to actually making something release worthy out of it yet. In the meantime preparations are being made for more musical shenanigans.

Cover songs are being considered, another Lovecraftian concept album is being planned out, with some song fragments already in the box and an electro heavy collection of songs circling the worst man-made disasters of all time is in research mode.
No time table attached to any if this as real life responsibilities are first priority. Safe to say is that we’re working on shit for you to enjoy even if it takes us unreasonable amounts of time.

/Buster out.


New songs in the making.

Mr Rylander has recorded some remarkable bouts of vocals. One is for an upcoming single and one is an elaborate set of cultist chanting for one of the tracks on the Cthulhu-centric concept album we’ve been working on for the last couple of years.

Now I’m working hard on editing as much as I possibly can. The single will probably come out in maybe a month or so. No promises though.

Lyrics were (tentatively) finalised for one of the two remaining tracks of the concept album that were lacking words. I will lay those vocals myself, so expect no sweet sounds.


New song released along with our first video!

A new Teknokrat song has been unleashed upon the world! It’s definitely in a different style from our last offering but we hope you’ll enjoy it just the same.

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